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Flametect Christmas


If you are looking for a fire retardant for your natural or artificial Christmas tree, Christmas branches or Christmas decorations, then you have come to the right place at Flametect Netherlands. Our fire retardant sprays are suitable for both private and business locations. By using our fire retardant, the risk of a raging fire is significantly reduced by treating your Christmas trees and Christmas decorations with Flametec fire retardant spray.


For entrepreneurs and companies, it is necessary to deal with fire safety properly. Hotels and restaurants, but also office buildings, make frequent use of Christmas decorations during the Christmas season, which considerably increases the risk of fire. Treated in the correct manner and with the correct fire retardant, not only will it limit the risk of fire, it will also cover you in the event of a fire through insurance.

Legislation requires that decorative materials, including natural and artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations in areas with a user permit, are of fire-retardant quality. It is therefore imperative for companies to deal with this professionally and ensure that Christmas trees and Christmas decorations are made fire retardant by means of a fire retardant impregnation agent. Applied by their own staff or by qualified, certified applicators who will be able to issue a certificate of compliance on completion.

Flametect Netherlands, work together with UCC Services B.V, who are certified applicators of fire retardant. UCC Services have a specially certified team that specializes in the impregnation of fire-hazardous products and materials that are found in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, maritime and Airports. After the treatment, the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations meet all requirements and you will receive from UCC Services B.V. a valid certificate of compliance. During the festive months it may happen that the fire brigade carries out an inspection. In that case you are provided with a valid certificate which is industry approved
Due to the activities at Schiphol, the employees of UCC Services have all been subject to a security investigation within the AIVD and are fully security screened for your re-assurance.



Our eco-friendly fire retardant for natural and artificial Christmas trees is also suitable for private use. A certificate is not required for the home use of a fire retardant. This makes it possible that private individuals can impregnate Christmas trees or Christmas decorations with the fire-retardant spray for Christmas trees.


Flametect Netherlands fire retardant for natural and artificial Christmas trees are an ecologically sound and user-friendly product. The fire retardant does not affect the color of items treated and has no smell. Flametect fire retardant is environmentally friendly and harmless to health, our solution has been dermatology tested and is safe to the skin. Flametect is non-flammable, water-based, safe and easy to use and apply. Do use protective gloves and eye protection when applying the fire retardant as a precautionary measure as with all treatments.

Our eco-friendly Fire Retardant for natural and artificial Christmas trees and decoration from Flametect is the only available flame retardant product that has been independently tested by the Institute for Skin and Product Evaluation on dermal reactions with a fully successful result. Flametect poses no risk to health, skin or animals.

Flametect offers a multi-pupose use for synthetic & natural materials as well as the Christmas tree. Flametect Christmas tree fire retardant can also be used for clothing, carpet, upholstery and any item that may have a metal element or embellishment, such as curtains with gold or silver thread or metal furniture that may be affected by a corrosive flame retardant. The Christmas tree fire retardant is not corrosive to metals. Unlike other flame retardants, it will not attack metals.

Our products are designed to be easily applied using simple DIY skills or we can hire professional certified spraying teams for larger projects.

Unique Features Include:

  • Tested in UK, EU, French M1, German DIN 4102, US-NFP701

  • Kinder to you and the material being handled neutral pH and does not contain corrosive ammonium polyphosphate

  • Certificate supplied with every order for the relevant British standards &European standards.

  • Not corrosive to metals. Unlike other flame retardants, it will not attack metals

  • TV, Movie Costume & Set (supplied BBC Casualty Dr Who and Game of Thrones, Viking & Emmerdale)

  • Safer than any other flame retardant on the market. Safe to use around younger and older generations.

  • Supplied to: Fire Brigade, National Trust, Schools, Nursing Homes, Social Housing and Student Rentals

  • Effective on natural and synthetic materials. Decorations and artificial plants and trees.

  • Dry cleanable up to 10 cycles

Dermally tested (non-irritating). See report

Flametect nitro banner

Iron-on labels: Public areas such as hotels, public houses, nursing homes, B & Bs and schools: It is required by law to label curtains treated with flame retardants with care and durability instructions.

  • We provide iron-on fabric labels to identify fabrics as handled. The labels include month / year designation and help show commitment to maintenance and fire inspections (example label: actual size 3 x 6 cm)

  • High active solids: 30% compared to approximately 15% of our competitor products. Which means it goes further and you don't have to saturate the material.

  • Faster drying times (ready to use in 2-3 hours). Easy to apply

  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation and completely odorless.

  • Halogen and bromine free!

  • Non-hygroscopic and non-corrosive (View test report)

Flametect Nitro Test resultaten jan 2020

Widely used in schools, colleges, nursing homes, public houses and hotels.

Trades: polyester, cotton, silk, linen flax, wool, cardboard, polystyrene, lycra, jute, foam rubber and most other materials that are absorbent.

  • Certification traceable to a UKAS accredited laboratory with every order
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured environment to strict standards
  • Treats an average of 10m² per liter. Possibly more on lightweight materials.
  • Water-based flame retardant. No nasty solvents.
  • Suitable for clothing and bedding
  • Non-sting formula, safe on the skin
  • Declaration of performance with every order. (see example)
  • Excellent performance on artificial flowers
  • Suitable for spray, roller or immersion
  • Durable dry cleaning (up to 10 cycles)
  • Meets MCA and IMO standards for charter and passenger ships (see NX2)
  • Effective on natural, natural / synthetic blends and most synthetic fabrics
  • Order before 3:00 pm for next day delivery
  • Contract Spraying click for details

Do you want to know more? Call 023 - 576 23 95 for free advice

Typical applications

  • Apply to natural and artificial Christmas trees, decorations and costume
  • Curtains and curtains, including theater stage wing curtains (incl. Synthetic materials)
  • Stage props, flat sets and sets
  • Chairs, sofas, stools, fixed upholstery and bed linen
  • Theatrical costumes and party clothes
  • Boat beds, bunks and curtains
  • Seats and carpets for aircraft
  • Artwork, paper and cardboard
  • Papier-mache projects & collages
  • Lighting special effects in theaters and shops
  • Tapestries and tapestries
  • Banners and signs for internal use
  • Carpet and rugs (including synthetic carpets)
  • Temporary fire resistant barriers
  • Sales displays
  • Hay and straw interior for seating
  • Foams and sponges
  • Artificial and dried natural flowers and leaves
  • Overview safety data sheet (Click here)
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