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Will Flametect sprays bring my aircraft fabric to CAA specifications?

In most cases, Flametect Nitro is preferred as, unlike other flame retardants, it is non-corrosive to metals and other aircraft parts. Aircraft contractors, designers and overhaul personnel; please contact us for specific flame retardants for your brache that are not available on this website, including leather fire retardants.


Buildings and construction
Can building materials such as wood, MDF, chipboard and other building materials be adapted to current flammability standards using flame retardant sprays?

In most cases: YES. There are many regulations for flammability of buildings. The most common is BS 476 (surface spread of flame)


Architects, designers and builders; please contact us for advice on a range of specialized flame retardants not available on this website.


Boats and ships:
Can you supply flame retardant sprays for boats and ships?

Yes! For complete peace of mind, use Flametect Nitro on all internal fabrics. For textiles in contact with wet sailing clothing use Nitro D.

When seeking certification for chartering, skippering or self-hiring, flame retardant textiles are usually required for larger and commercial vessels.


Curtains, net curtains, carpets and rugs
Will fireproof sprays prevent my curtains and carpeting from catching fire?

In most cases; YES. If your curtains, net curtains and carpets are made of natural materials, use Flametect C. If they are made of synthetic materials, use Flametect Nitro.

If you are unsure of the material use Flametect Nitro as it works on natural, synthetic and mixed fiber textiles. Allowing the textile BS 5867 part 2, type B (curtains in public buildings).

We currently supply theaters, cinemas, large hotel groups, homes, nurseries, schools, universities, shops, shopping centers, prisons and oil rigs. In fact, wherever the public has access.

There are no regulations for houses, but flame retardant curtains and carpets can give you peace of mind in the house.


Displays, shops and arts
Can my shop display or art display be made flame retardant to protect my customers and meet safety regulations using flame retardant sprays?

Yes. We supply the design departments of well-known retail chains and individual artists with flame retardants to treat their displays to comply with current regulations in retail and commercial environments.


Are your flame retardants environmentally friendly?

Flametect C and Flametect Nitro are green and classified as non-hazardous and we work with and supply eco-industries with flame retardants.


Artificial plants and flowers
Can artificial plants and flowers be made flame retardant?

Yes. Our Nitro flame retardant can be used to make natural and synthetic artificial plants and flowers flame retardant. There is currently no standard for flammability for these items, but we have adopted a toy standard BS 5665 Pt 2 EN 71-2 as a suitable standard for testing these products.


Can hotel curtains, net curtains, bed coverings be treated to make them fire resistant?

Certainly yes. This is a huge part of our business, and we are fortunate to be the sole supplier of flame retardants to a large international hotel group. Some hotels opt for fire-resistant products and materials, these products and materials are very expensive and the choice is very limited. Other hotels increase the safety of the textiles with a bi-annual treatment with flame retardants or after washing. Note: our Nitro products are skin-friendly.