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Flame Retardant Spray Application Recommendations

Application Of All Of Our Flame Retardants, is Easy, Safe & Mess Free.
Over 99% Of Our Customers Apply The Flame Retardant Themselves.
Many Of Our First Time Users Comment How Easy The Process Was.

Our Repeat Business Simply Confirms The Ease Of Application & The Confidence Of Our Customers In Our Products
In Smaller Quantities, Flametect Flame Retardants Are Supplied In Easy To Use Trigger Sprays & Are To Be Lightly Sprayed Directly Onto The Substrate Until Damp, Not Dissimilar To Spraying Products Like ‘’Fabreeze’’ Fabric Conditioner Or Scotchgard Fabric Protector Onto Textiles.
On Timber & Timber Based Products The Application Is Not Dissimilar to Spraying Or Painting Fence Shed & Timber Preservatives & Is Considerably Less Messy.
In Larger Quantities, The Products Are Transferred To Fine Mist Garden Sprayers ( Hand-Held Or Backpack ) & The Application Process Is Exactly The Same
We Supply Corporate Customers & Hotel Groups Whose ‘’ House Staff’’ Have Applied Large Quantities Of Our Flame Retardants  To Textiles For Many Years Without Event   
Remember, If In Doubt Telephone 023 - 576 23 95 for guidance.
Just Follow Some Of The Easy Steps Below :-

Health & Safety

All our web based products are classified as water based, non-toxic , non-hazardous, non-allergenic , solvent-free & environmentally friendly.
However we are legally obliged to recommend basic Health & Safety precautions before proceeding with application

  • Wear suitable lightweight protective clothing & rubber/plastic gloves, mask and goggles
  • When applying indoors ensure room is well aired & ventilated
  • Keep out of the reach of young children , pets & other animals
  • Read & familiarise yourself with the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet. ( M.S.D.S. ) for your product from this website
  • Protect Live plants , grasses and flowers from overspray or hose off with water after application. 
  • Understand the First Aid & Environmental Procedures in the event of an emergency

Equipment & Preparation

  • Although an extremely rare occurrence, handle and appearance of some materials can sometimes be affected by the application of flame retardant. Therefore it is recommended that a small sample area is treated and left for 24hrs to establish suitability before the full treatment is carried out. This sample should then be tested with a suitable flame in a safe environment e.g. outdoors. Use suitable spray applicator, a trigger spray or garden pressure sprayer is recommended. Our 750 ml is provided as a trigger sprayer for small areas.
  • Shake container well before use and do not dilute Make sure that all materials to be treated are clean and free from dust

Application (Textiles, Paper & Card)

  • Hold the nozzle approximately 20 cm (8’’) away from the surface, spray evenly and overlap each sprayed area to ensure complete coverage. Apply enough to thoroughly dampen the material do not saturate so that it is dripping. Coverage 10 – 15 square metres per litre typically
  • With paper, hold nozzle 30 -40 cm (12’’ – 16’’) away from the surface,  lightly mist & allow to permeate through the paper. Coverage 20 – 30 + square metres per litre

Recommendations (Textiles)

  • One coat should be sufficient on most surfaces although when treating soft fabrics such as velvet apply two light applications 10 minutes apart is the better option
  • Dark, lightweight or shiny materials usually require two or more light applications approximately 10 minutes apart.
  • When treating water resistant ( tent ) materials with Nitro D. for example it may be beneficial to assist the uptake by brushing or pushing the flame retardant in using a clean paintbrush, or a sponge in a polythene bag 
  • With the exception of Nitro D., it is recommended that Flametect C. & Nitro flame retardants are re-applied on an annual basis or following any water based cleansing procedure.
  • These products are water based and as such any surface that would be  adversely affected by a water spray could be affected by this treatment.
  • Wipe away any overspray/ spillage with any absorbent material
  • Take care in spraying any water based product near electricity or electrical appliances
  • Never over wet any Textile. Two light applications is better than one heavy application.
  • Always check on a small area for any adverse affects prior to commencing the work.

 Application (Wood & Wood Based Products)

  • Flametect  C-WD. may be applied to wood by spray , brush or roller
  • Unlike textiles it is important that the desired volume is applied to the wood
  • Please ensure wood is dry before application, where it is possible to measure the moisture content, the moisture content should ideally be 20% or lower
  • The desired absorption rate for most woods & MDF is 4 square metres per litre
  • The absorption rate by other timber based products (plywood, strand board etc.)  is less as adhesives & bonding agents prevent total absorption
  • Where multiple coats are required please allow approximately 1 hour between coats
  • When applied externally please either protect from the elements or where possible opt for a dry 24 -48 hour application / drying period